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the study of the vessels that includes arteries,veins and lymph vessels


hollow core which blood flows

blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood away from the heart to a body part

3 Coats (Tunica)

1. Tunica Intima

2. Tunica media

3. Tunica adventitia

Tunica Intima/Interna
-inner most upper layer

-composed of endothelium

-lines inner surface of entire cardiovascular system

-comes in contact with blood

Tunica Media

-middle layer

-composed of smooth muscle and elastic fibers

-thickest of the 3 layers

Tunica Adventitia/ externa

-outer layer

- composed of fibrous connective tissue and some elastic tissue

-holds vessel open and prevents tearing

Large sized / elastic arteries

-conduct blood to arteries

-contains more elastic fibers then smooth

ex: aorta / common carotid / brachiocephalic

Medium sized/ muscular / distributing arteries

-distribute blood to various parts of the body

- more smooth then elastic

ex: axillary artery / radial artery / brachial artery

medium sized artery


make the lumen smaller

DECREASE lumen in size caused by contraction in smooth muscle of the wall by blood vessel

medium sized artery

vaso- dialation

make lumen layer

INCREASE in lumen size caused by relaxation of smooth muscle in wall of blood vessel

Pulmonary trunk carries what kind of blood?
CO2 (deox blood)
Vein facts

-run parallel to arteries

-have tributaries

-have valves

-have 2 sets of veins in the extremities , superficial and deep

Arteriole Facts

-are very small, minute arteries that deliver blood to the capillary

-3 coats


microscopic blood vessel carries blood from the arteries to small veins (venukles)

Venules ( venuoles)

small veins that collect blood from the capillaries& drain it into the veins

-3 coats

tunica media - only a few scattered smooth muscle fibers

tunica adventitia - found only in larger venules


blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart from the body (CO2)
Pulmonary veins

one exception of veins that carry oxygenated blood from lungs to heart

Veins usually only carry CO2

Vasa Vasorum

blood vessels that supply blood

provides an alternate route for end to end union of vessels

Joining together of blood vessels

Collateral Circulation

circulation of blood through secondary to bypass an obstruction in the main channel

Venae comitantes

vein accompanying an artery


blood vessel splitting into 2 branches


splits into 3 branches