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(TorF) Generally speaking, the leading politicians of the 1850s were more willing to compromise on the important issues of the day than were previous leaders.


(TorF) Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860 largely because the Democrats vote was split between two candidates.


(TorF) Lincoln ordered the resupplying of Fort Sumter.


(TorF) Most southerners owned slaves before the Civil War.


(TorF) Lincoln carried no southern state in the 1860 election.


(TorF) The South reasoned that because the states had voluntarily joined the Union, the states should be able to secede from the union if they chose.


(TorF) Some Southern states made it illegal to teach slaves to read and write.


(TorF) Most Northerners in the early 1800s were abolitionists who wanted equal rights for blacks.


(TorF) The Confederacy chose extremist fire-eaters to lead its government.


(TorF) For some slaves, the final destination of the underground railroad was Canada.


Led federal troops to harpers ferry and captured John Brown.

Robert E. Lee

Ruled that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional ?

Roger B. Taney

Lost a Senate election in Illinois after debating with Stephen Douglas

Abraham Lincoln

Gave orders to prevent all efforts to resupply Fort Sumter

Jefferson Davis

Proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act with its affirmation of popular sovereignty

Stephen Douglas

Statement of what a political party stands for on various issues


doctrine that settlers should decide the slavery issues for themselves

popular sovereignty

support for eliminating slavery


action advocated by the fire-eaters


the freeing of the slaves


who wrote an influential novel depicting the life of slaves?

Harriet Beecher Stowe

What law was passed in 1854 to allow settlers in western lands to decide for or against slavery for themselves?

Kansas-Nebraska Act

What new national political opposing slavery was formed in the 1850s?

republican party

Which state was the first to leave the Union?

South Carolina

Which Democrat won the 1856 presidential election

James Buchanan

Name a vocal abolitionist who condemned slavery through the publication of a newspaper.

William Lloyd garrison or Horace greeley

Who became the president of the confederacy?

Jefferson Davis

What novel published in 1852 helped create a great rift between the North and the South?

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Which leading black abolitionist traveled and gave lectures against slavery?

Federick Douglas

What escaped slave returned to the South to help other slaves escape along the underground railroad?

harriet Tubman

Who was chosen to be the vice president of the Confederacy?

Alexander Stephens

The state that was literally split in two by the Civil War was...?


The 1854 act allowing settlers in western lands to decide for or against slavery for themselves was indirectly responsible for...?

bloodshed in kansas

At the outset of the war, the North had which one of the following advantages?

more industry

The Confederates fired on Fort Sumter because.....

Lincoln was sending supplies to the fort

Southerners in the mid-1800s tended to...

oppose a high protective tariff

Which one of the following states was the North unable to keep in the Union when was erupted?