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who did george washington choose as members of the first "cabinet" and what were there positions
sec.of state-jefferson
sec. of treas.-hamilton
sec. of war- knox
define innaguration
a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of something such as a presidents term in office.
what was the nations most critical problem facing the new government and the nation. explain
the most critical problem was money. the national treasury was empty!
how did congress decide to raise money for the national teasury?
raise taxes
why was there a whisky rebellion. how did alexander hamilton and george washington see this threat?
problems with other countries.
why was mr.president chosen over other options to all tehre leader
they didnt want it to sound royal.
who apposed the action to the whisky rebellion.
jefferson, he thought it was foolish!
what political party was formed in america made up of people who supported teh french revolution? who was the leader of there party.
republicans, jefferson
what was the french revolution about and how did the americans feel about it.
people overruled monarchy: chopped off heads, very bloody. usa was thrilled that they had influinced the world.
what other political party was in america at this time? how did these people feel about he revolution? who was there leader.
federalists, alexander hamilton.
why did washington decide to run for a second term?
he didnt the fragile nation to fall apart.
in his farewell adderess what did washington warn americans about.
problems with other countries.