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What are the two chambers of Congress?

The House (the people) and the Senate (senators)

What made large states take over the house and small states take over the senate?

The Great Compromise

How many reps does each state get in the House?

At least 1, but no limit on how many there can be

How many years are in a term in the House?

2 year terms with no term limits

Define arbitrary and what is the cap # of seats in the House?

Arbitrary meaning that it is not in the constitution, 435 seat cap

What is reapportionment?

process of allocating seats in the house to each state

What is malapportionment?

# of people in a state's legislative districts being grossly unbalanced

Baker V Carr

Equal protection for citizens, regarding apportionment issues

Reynolds V Simms

State legislatures must be apportioned with equal population

Wesberry V Sanders

House of reps must be equal in population

Thornburg V Gingles & Miller V Johnson

district lines cannot be drawn in a way to dilute minority representation


a tactic used during apportionment process