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Name the 5 most common types of Alopecia?

1. Traction Alopecia

2. Male Patten baldness

3. Female Patten baldness

4. Alopecia Areatra

5. Alopecia Tonalis

Describe the causes of traction Alopecia?

Hair lost at the point of tension

* hair pulled to tightly (weaves & braids)

*friction wigs and headscarves

Describe what happends to the hair follicle with Traction Alopecia?

*hair blub is pulled out completely from the roots

* hair follicles become inflamed and leads to atrophied follicles

Think about a plant

What treatments are for traction Alopecia/ what does it do?

Avoid chemical treatments

And pulling on hair as the scalp may be sensitive

What causes male Patten baldness?

Genetic condition

Due to stress

Receding hairline

Hair loss from the crown area

3 points

What causes hair thinning and hair lost in woman

Hormonal changes


Poor nutrition


No cure

Adapt cut to make hair look thicker

What causes Alopecia Areatra?

Auto immune disorder,

Attacks the hair follicles and disrupts normal hair formation

3 main points

Desribe whats Alopecia areatra looks like and causes

(BALDING PATCHES) on the scalp the size of a large coin


Stress or shock

Hair extension removal

Can develope into Alopecia Totalis

Describe Alopecia Totalis

Total hair loss

Includes eyelashes eyebrows etc


Auto immune condition

Plica polonica

Hair becomes matted together

When the hair is very dirty it becomes anionic and could then react with a cationic shampoo.