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'That was a very happy family used to live in your house, Jim.'
Joe Keller to Dr. Bayliss. (On the Deever family)
'Well that's what a war does. I had two sons, now I got one. It changed all the tallies.'
Joe Keller on War
Keller: 'How could she see it? I was the first one up. She was still in bed.'
Chris: 'She was out here when it broke.'
Joe and Chris Keller.
'It's time she realised that nobody believes Larry is alive anymore.'
Chris, speaking about his mother.
'I ignore what I gotta ignore. The girl is Larry's girl.'
Joe Keller on Ann Deever. Joe is trying to avoid the inevitable trouble of when Kate has to be told of Chris' intentions.
'I don't know why it is, but every time I reach out for something I want, I have to pull back because other people will suffer. My whole bloody life, time after time after time.'
Chris Deever.
'You marry that girl, and you're pronouncing him dead.'
Joe Keller.
'I've been a good son too long, a good sucker. I'm through with it.'
Chris Keller.
'Because what the hell did I work for? That's only for you, Chris, the whole shootin' match is for you!
Joe Keller on Chris' intention of leaving to marry Ann.
'I used to think that when I got money again I would have a maid, and my wife would take it easy. Now I got money, and I got a maid, and my wife is workin' for the maid.'
Joe Keller on Kate.
'It's so funny; everything decides to happen at the same time. This month is his birthday, his tree blows down, Annie comes. Everything that happened seems to be coming back.'
Kate Keller on recent events.
'If I could touch him, I knew I could stop him, if I could only..'
Kate's dream, she saw Larry falling.
'We never took up our lives again. We're like at a railroad station waiting for a train that never comes in.'
Chris, on Kate's inability to move on.
'She's not his girl, Joe; she knows she's not.'
Kate, on Annie and Chris.
'I want you to act like he's coming back, both of you.'
Kate, on Joe and Chris.
'Because if he's not coming back, I'll kill myself!'
Kate, to Joe Keller.
Kate: 'You above all have got to believe, you..'
Joe: 'Why me above all?'
Kate is hinting that Larry's death would have been Joe's fault.
'I guess I never grew up. It almost seems that Mom and Pop are in there now. And you and my brother doing Algebra, and Larry trying to copy my homework'

'Gosh, those dear dead days beyond recall.'
Ann, recalling happier times.
'That's a funny thing to say; how could I help remembering him?'
Ann Deever on Larry.
'They don't say it on the radio, but I'm sure that in the dark at night, they're still waiting for their sons.'
Kate Keller
'You mean am I still waiting for him? Well. I'm not, Kate.'
Ann Deever.
'Because certain things have to be, and certain things can never be.'
Kate Keller.
'The last thing I remember on this block was one word, Murderers!'
Ann Deever.
'Every Saturday night, the whole gang is playing poker in this arbor. All the ones who yelled murderer takin' my money now.'
Joe Keller.
'The man was a fool, but don't make a murderer out of him.'
Joe Keller
'If I could have gone in that day I'd a told him: junk 'em, Steve, we can afford it. But alone he was afraid.'
Joe Keller
Chris: 'I kissed you..'
Ann: 'Like Larry's brother. Do it like you, Chris.'
Ann and Chris.
'They didn't die, they killed themselves for each other. I mean that exactly; a little more selfish and they'd have been here today'.
Chris on his fellow soldiers.
'And then I came home and it was incredible. I .. there was no meaning in it here; the whole thing to them was kind of a bus accident. I went to work with Dad, and that rat-race again. Nobody was changed at all.'
Chris on the War.
'Sometimes I think you're.. ashamed of the money,'
Joe Keller
'We're dumb Chris, Dad and I are stupid people. We don't know anything. You've got to protect us.'
Kate Keller.
'If they open the case again I won't live through it.'
Kate Keller.
'You think because you like everybody, they like you!'
Kate Keller to Chris.
'People like to do things for the Kellers. Been that way since I can remember.'
Ann Deever.
'It's very unusual to me, marrying the brother of your sweetheart.'
Sue Bayliss to Ann.
'When he tells you something, you know it's so.'
Ann Deever speaking about Chris.
Sue: 'And he got money. That's important, you know.'
Ann: 'It wouldn't matter to me.'
Sue Bayliss and Ann Deever.
'Chris makes people want to be better than it's possible to be.'
Sue Bayliss.
'I resent living next door to the Holy Family. It makes me look like a bum, you understand?'
Sue Bayliss.
'Do you think I could forgive him if he'd done that thing?'
Chris Keller to Ann.
'I got so many lieutenants, majors and colonels that I'm ashamed to ask somebody to sweep the floor.'
Joe Keller.
'My only accomplishment is my son.'
Joe Keller.
'Then kick him in the teeth! I don't want him in the plant, so that's that! You understand?'
Chris Keller, speaking about Steven Deever.
George: 'Why, afraid you'll forget him?'
Chris: 'Kind of a remark is that?'
George Deever and Chris, on Larry.
'He's a little man. That's what happens to suckers, you know.
George Deever, speaking about Steven Deever.
'You're not going to marry him.'

'Because his father destroyed your family.'
George Deever.
'He loved you so much...Annie...we did a terrible thing.'
George Deever.
'Dad was afraid. He wanted Joe there if he was going to do it. But Joe can't come down...he's sick. Sick! He suddenly gets the flu! But he promised to take responsibility.'
George Deever.
'Your dad took everything we have. I can't beat that. But she's one item he's not going to grab.'
George Deever to Chris.
'Everything they have is covered in blood.'
George to Ann.
'He won the war, Frank.'
George Deever.
'Why must you make believe you hate us?'
Kate Keller to George.
'I wear the pants and she beats me with the belt.'
Joe Keller.
'Twenty five years, the man never learned to take the blame.'
Joe Keller on Steven Deever.'
'He hasn't been laid up in fifteen years..'
Kate Keller.
'Your brother's alive, darling, because if he's dead, your father killed him.'
Kate Keller to Chris.
'God does not let a son be killed by his father.'
Kate Keller.
', you killed twenty one men!'
Chris Keller.
'I'm in business, a man is in business; a hundred and twenty cracked, you're out of business.'
Joe Keller.
You lay forty years into a business and they knock you out in five minutes.'
Joe Keller.
'I was dying every day and you were killing my boys and you did it for me?'
Chris Keller.
You're not even an animal, no animal kills his own, what are you?'
Chris Keller to Joe.
'Don't be afraid Kate, I've always known.'
Jim Bayliss.
I always had a feeling that in the back of his head, Chris.. almost knew. I didn't think it would be such a shock.'
Kate Keller.
'You wanted money, so I made money. What must I be forgiven?'
Joe to Kate.
'I'm his father and he's my son, and if there's something bigger than that I'll put a bullet in my head!'
Joe Keller.
'He loved you Joe, you broke his heart.'
Kate Keller.
'I could jail him, if I were human any more. But I'm like everyone else now. I'm practical now.'
Chris Keller.
'I'm a dead man, I'm an old dead man, nothing's mine.'
Joe Keller.
'I know you're no worse than most men but I thought you were better.'
Chris to Joe.
'Sure, he was my son. But I think to him, they were all my sons. And I guess they were, I guess they were.'
Joe Keller.
'You can be better! Once and for all you can know that there's a universe of people outside and you're responsible to it.'
Chris Keller.