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back falls
regular slaps
roll back
roll back
squat falls
slaps with chin to neck
stand up falls
on toes hold hands
one knee down diagonal rolls
roll to the diagonal once the shoulder is on the mat.
first release movent
act like you are going to throw him, with a soft second step, grasp, throw him off to the front corner take him down into and arm bar
first release second phase
turn into oshitiosh, down to his knee
first release third phase
striaght arm bar, oshitiohsi, ten ki oshitiohsi
first release fourth phase
straight arm bar, oshitioshi, ten ki oshitioshi, come back with udi gieashi- uki sits down and I hold his hand
first release fifth phase
first release then through, grasp two steps then striaghten the arm, first release, through, grasp, come in a circle-ten ki oshitoshi, step out take kota gieshi with a over hand grip, grasp with both hands, uki kneel down sit down tori steps around the head controlling him into a straight arm lock.
first release sixth phase with a variable
same begining motion, first release, grasp, straight arm bar , oshiti oshi, ten ki oshi tioshi, come into ushiro ate step back behind him
first release phase seven
first release movement two steps, grasp two steps, change our hands into the other hand, raise up our hand close to his face, catch his elbow, lock him to one knee- Hiki otoshi
releases phase eight
first release, two steps with the grasp, change hands- Hiki otoshi, step in udi Hiniri, drop down to his knee and roll over
first release movement phase nine
first release movement and push, switch to Hiki otoshi, back to udi gieashi,come out into kota gieash, he will kneel down at this point and fall, roll him over into a locked position
First release phase nine second form
release, two steps grasp, change the hand, Hiki otoshi, uda Heniri, back into kota gieash,two steps change to , Kota Heniri- thumb in the palm of the hand-other hand support his elbow, take him down to one knee exercise the Kota Hiniri
first release
first relese, change hands into hiki-otoshi to udai henri step back out kota gieashi to kota heniri come back out into kotageshi (as we step into kotageshe the first was uashiba giesha)shomenata kotageshe , the uki sitdown
first release movent two steps
first release movement two steps, change hands-eye threat Hiki otoshi, back in uda hinari, come back into Ueshiba kote gaeshi, take two steps and go into kote hineri, come back out into kote gaeshi shomen nate, uki two steps back, change into Tenki kote hineri and finish