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Rosa Parks

1955 arrested for refusing to give up her seat in Montgomery.

Secretary of the Montgomery chapter naacp.

Jo Ann Robinson

Late 1940s. Screamed at for sitting in an empty seat in the white section of a bus that was empty fled the scene in fear.

Became president of WPC in 1950 focusing on desegregating buses.

Fannie Lou Hamer

1963. Arrested falsely in Mississippi with other and almost beaten to death. She was a voting rights activist.


1964. Mississippi Democratic Party.

Created to challenge the legitimacy of the then white only Mississippi democratic party.

Voting rights.

Stokely Carmichael


Participated in the freedom rides. Member of SNCC.

Credited with initializing the term black power.

John Lewis

Freedom Rider.

Spoke at 1963s March on Washington.

Led the demonstration tht became known as bloody Sunday.

Member if SNCC.

Ella Baker


Field secretary for naacp.

Cofounded In Friendship to raise money against Jim crow.

Ran voter registration campaign called the crusade for citizenship.

Emmitt Till


14 year old boy who was murdered in Mississippi for flirting with a white woman.

DuBois appeal to the world.


A statement of denial of human rights to minorities in the case of citizens of negro descent in the u.s.

Black Power

During the Civil rights movement.

Emphasized black nationalism and self reliance.



Drunk driving arrest.

On lookers were angry at how the cops arrested him so they started riots on the street.

Black Panthers

Huey Newton & Bobby Seal were the founders.

It was a group made for self defense 1966.


Counter intelligence program.

FBI infiltrated discredited and disrupted domestic political organizations.

Fred Hampton

Chairman of AA black panther party in illinois.

Murdered while sleeping during a raid by the county.

Bobby Rush


Worked in civil disobedience campaigns.

Black Panthers defense minister.

Arrested for an unregister pistol.

Jesse Jackson


Founder of rainbow/push.

Participated in selma to Montgomery marches.

Member of sclc.

Changed ppl to save humanity to people to serve humanity.

Shirley Chisholm


Congresswoman for NYs congressional district for 7 terms.

First woman to run for democratic presidential nomination.

Brown v board.


5 different cases heard by the supreme court concerning segregation in public schools.

Montgomery Bus boycott


African Americans in alarma refused to rude buses protesting segregated seating.

Dec 5 1955-> Dec 20 1956

Lasted 381 days.

First large scale demonstration against segregation.

Little Rock nine


Group of 9 African American students enrolled in little Rock central high school.

I'm tilly the students were prevented from entering the school until the intervention of president Eisenhower.

Mlk & SCLC


Sclc coordinated the action of local protest groups throughout the south under leadership of mlk.

Black churches were the backbone

Student movement and freedom rides


Freedom riders rode interstate busses into the south to challenge segregation.

Student nonviolent coordinating committee.

Birmingham Campaign/project c


Birmingham Campaign is project c.

Lunch counter sit in, marches on city hall, boycotts on downtown merchants.

Peaceful demonstrations were met with violent attacks (hoses and dogs)