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ADVANTAGE - represents society

- sit as a panel of a range of people, greater chance of relating to D

- gives an ordinary persons perspective

ADVANTAGE - public confidence

- society prefers jurors as it makes legal system fair and democratic

ADVANTAGE - secrecy of jury room

- free from pressure in their decision

- protects jury

ADVANTAGE - jury equity

- don’t need to give reasons for decision

- jury found Kay Gilderdale not guilty when she killed her daughter with euthanasia

DISADVANTAGE - don’t represent society

- not always a mix of society, random

- also some people disqualified/ineligible

DISADVANTAGE - perverse decisions

- when juries ignore facts and evidence and make decision based on moral

- means there are inconsistencies between juries

DISADVANTAGE - secrecy of jury room

- no reason has to be given so there is no way to understand how decision was reached

DISADVANTAGE - media influence

- when high profile cases are covered by media this could sway and influence jury