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3 Characteristics of Ads

- Repetition: repeat a simple message

- Ad Style: early ad style called for plain language or "plain-talk" tradition. Fancy talk made grand claims

- Ubiquity: ads are everywhere to catch consumers attention

Inventory of Human Needs

Need for:

- Sex

- Affiliation: largest number of ads use this, looking for friendship, make you worry about losing friends

- Nurture: seeing a puppy or child, appeals to maternal or paternal instincts.

- Guidance: father mother figure can appeal to your desire for someone to care for you, Betty Crocker

- Aggress: desire to get even

- Achieve: ability to accomplish something difficult, ex. Sports figures as spokesperson

- Dominate: power we lack is what we can look for in a commercial: master the possibilities

- Prominence: want to me admired and respected to have high social status, luxury cars, diamond rings

- Attention: want ppl to notice us, cosmetics are a natural for this approach

- Autonomy: within crowds, we want to be singled out

- Escape: flight is very appealing,

- Safe: be free from threats, insurance ads or bank ads

- Aestetics sensations: beauty attracts us and classic art or dance

- Satisfy curiosity: facts support our belief that info is quantifiable and numbers and diagram

- Physiological needs: sleep, eat, and drink. Pizza ads appealing late at night.

Regulated by Fed. Govt.


- Main agency enforcing ad laws and regulation.

- Advertisers must have evidence to support their claims

- Cannot be unfair

- ensures that label and packaging claims are accurate

ex. Cheerios lowering cholestal


- regulates broadcast media and posses ability to control advertising