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Primary Survey ABCDs
Breathing = 2 breathes
Circulation = 30:2
Defib = check rhythm ASAP
Shockable vs nonshockable rhythms
Shockable = VT/Vfib
Non = PEA or asystole
VT/Vfib: first step
second step
200J biphasic or
360J monophasic

CPR x 5 cycles (2min)
Asystole first step
second step
check other leads to r/o fine VT

CPR x 5 cycles (2min)
Secondary ABCD Survey
A: remove obstructions/intubate
B: 1 breath q 6-8 sec
C: IV access
Ddx: Hs and Ts
Hs and Ts
Hypovolemia, hypothermia, hypo/hyperkalemia, hypoxia, hydrogen ions.
Tension pneumo, thrombosis (pe/mi), tamponade, toxins/tablets
Tx VF/VT after secondary ABCD
defib unsynchronized x 1
continue CPR (2min)
Epinephrine 1mg IV/IO q 3-5min
Vasopressin 40 U IV/IO x 1
Defib monophasic 360J
CPR 2min
Other drugs for VT/VF
Amiodarone 300mg IV x 1
Lido 1mg/kg, then .5mg/kg MAX 3 doses
Tx for Torsades
MgSO4 1-2g IV
Tx Asystole/PEA
1. DNR?
2. Primary ABCDs and check leads
3. Secondary ABCDs and treat reversible causes.
4. CPR
5. Epi 1mg IV q 3-5m
6. Vasopressin 40U x 1
7. Atropine 1mg IV q 3-5m
8. CPR
Tx Tachycardia, Unstable
1. Check rate, if >150 cardiovert, if <150 hang tight
2. Oximeter, IV, suction, intubation equipment
3. Synchronized cardioversion monophasic 100, 200, 300, 360J. Start at 50J for aflutter or 200J for VT
Tx Tachycardia, Narrow complex

If doesnt convert?
Carotid Massage
Adenosine 6mg, 12, 12

Diltiazem 15-20mg IV or
Verapamil 2.5-5mg IV or
Metoprolol 5mg IV
Tx Tachycardia, Wide complex
1. VT or uncertain
2. SVT w/ aberrancy
3. Afib w/ aberrancy
4. Afib w/ WPW
if VT or uncertain:
Amiodarone 150mg over 10min

if SVT w/ aberrancy
Adenosine 6, 12, 12

if afib:
Diltiazem 15-20mg IV or
Verapamil 2.5-5mg IV or
Metoprolol 5mg IV

if afib w/ WPW:
amiodarone 150mg over 10min
Tx Bradycardia, Unstable
atropine 0.5mg IV
cutaneous pacing
epinephrine 2-10mcg/min IV or
dopamine 2-10mcg/min IV
Cutaneous pacing