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cpr&1 shock for VF, 2nd shock, resume chest compressions, IV, what is next
epi 1mg IV
tx: 2 degree heart block (bradycardia)
prepare fror transcutaneous pacing
cardiac arrest-intubated, recieving O2, 2 doses epi 1mg, atropine 1mg and lidocaine 100mg,
lidoacin .5-.75
cardiac arrest - polymorphic V tach
give immediate unsync CV
monomorphic V tach-
amiodarone 150mg over 10 min.
high quality chest compressions
no pulse -
epi 1mg
sinus bradycardia-
reperfusion therapy
reentry supraventricular tacycardia-
adenosine6mg, then 12mg x 2
atrail flutter-
seek expert consultation
reentry supraventricular tachycardia with no symptoms
perform vagal maneuvers
polymorphic tachycardia(torsades)
Mg sulfate
A fib-
Ntg 4 mg
sinus bradycardia-
atropine 0.5mg
unresponsive, uncertain of a faint pulse
begin CPR with high quality chest compressions
2nd degree mobitz 1-
prepare for TCP
course V fib -
single shock w/ 360j
Hx MI, now A fib-
continue monitoring and seek expert consultation
3 degree heart block(bradycardia)
begin transcutaneous pacing