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Perpetual v. Periodic Inventory

Perpetual is continually being updated. Periodic only updated on schedule. Both have to be physically checked and may be off from the records due to theft or mistakes.

What is inventory?


-held for sale in ordinary course of business (FG),

-in process of production for such sale (WIP),

-to be currently consumed in the production of goods (RM).

How do you deal with normal and excessive spoilage?

Normal-product cost

Excessive-period cost

Who owns goods at FOB-shipping point, FOB-destination, consignment, sales with buybacks, sales with high R/A, and sales on installments?

FOB- shipping point: buyer

FOB-destination: seller

consignment: seller

sales with buybacks: seller

sales w/ high R/A: buyer if you can estimate

sales on installments: buyer if you can estimate collection

What are the cost flow assumptions?

FIFO,LIFO, average cost, and specific id. The method does not have to match the physical flow of goods Often follows revenue flow.

What are the effects of inventory errors?

Inventory error - Ending inventory

EI up COGS down NI up

EI down COGS up NI down

Inventory error - Beginning Inventory

EI up COGS up NI down

EI down COGS down NI up

When is FIFO best? LIFO? Average cost?

FIFO-best if spoilage is expected, current revenue matched with oldest cost.

LIFO-best with wildly fluctuating costs, has a stabilizing effect on price changes, Matches current cost with current revenue.

AC - Best when no fluctuations are expected.

What is the money value method?

It uses money rather than units to measure. Companies are more likely to use this LIFO method unless they only deal with few goods and expect little change in product mix. Less record keeping.

Describe the periodic method.

Purchases of merchandise are debited to purchases.

EI is determined by physical count.

Beg Inv
+ Purchases
= GAS (Goods available for sale)
- End Inv

Describe the perpetual system.

-Purchases are debited to Inventory

-Freight-in is debited to inventory

-Purchase R/A and discounts are credited to inventory.

-COGS is debited and inventory is credited for each sale.

-Subsidiary records show quantity and cost of each type of inventory on hand.