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According to Christian Perfection, what does Christ's instruction to "sell all" mean for the Christian today?

Christ was telling the rich young man to reject the enjoyment he get from his estate and give it all to God, when Christ told him to sell all. Christian's today should also reject the enjoyment of their possessions and give it to

God. As Christian's we should use our possessions to glorify God and not to seek them for our own enjoyment or glory.

hat is the tone of "Contentment"?
lighthearted; mildly sarcastic
What is described as "a congealed drop of sunlight"?
What is the literary term that means " an apparent contradiction"?
What is the reference to mythology, history, or to a literary work?
In "The Silver Mine" the king says that his kingdom is better served with men that with what?
What work are the following lines from?

"Thus humble let me live and die,

Nor long for Midas' golden touch;

If Heaven more generous gifts deny,

I shall not miss them much"

"The Silver Mine"
Selma Lagerlöf
When did Ilyás and his wife finally achieve happiness?
after they lost their wealth
In "The Mansion," the angel pointed out that John Weightman's works had been done primarily for the benefit of whom?
"The Cobbler and the Rich Man"
Jean de La Fontaine
"The Brothers"
Björnstjerne Björnson
Oliver Wendell Holmes
"Christian Perfection"
William Law
Leo Tolstoy
killed himself because he had sold his share of the silver mine
Israel Per Persson
killed his brother during a quarrel over the silver mine
Olaf Svärd
]king who needed money
wife of Ilyás
In "The Cobbler and the Rich Man," what caused the cobbler to lose his song?
neighbor who took in Ilyás
At the end of "The Mansion," what does John Weightman give his son?
a check
Björnstjerne Björnson is from where?
What was found on Ali Hafed's farm?
"The Silver Mine" is set in what country?
Of the men who discovered the silver mine, only the ____ survived .
How did Ali Hafed die?
drowned himself
Baard and his brother fought over what?
a gold watch
Who burned down Ander's barn?
his brother
What was John Weightman's occupation?
What famous clergyman was greatly influenced by William Law?
John Wesley