Business Ethics Case Study: Next Step

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Looking at the job situation with Ramona and her relationship to Next Step, she should not sign the contract. Primarily, it is because the company does not hold its values and behaviors accountable. The corporate culture and the organization environment are a bit shady. Most of the advertisements are make-believe. Next Step uses its financial status and ranks to buy people into the company. The CEO is selfish and only cares about the growth of the company. His character demonstrated that he is in the business for the wrongdoings. The way the CEO treats his employees, customers, and distributors is not exemplary. He mainly cares for the people who are on his side.
The company’s massive growth of sales and distribution are a result of their monstrous approach in marketing and advertising. Next Step gains most of its wealth of taking advantages of other distributors. The company also bypassed a lot of the laws to quickly rise to power. Next Step displays itself as a luxury and high-class organization. Grad students essentially want to work for a well-structured and well-known company. It is no surprise
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He dressed in the form of the devil. In the Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden story, Satan tempted Eve. Satan said, if Eve eats the fruit, she would be wise and know good and evil. The same scenario applies to the CEO. He knows that his deeds are wrong. The CEO is a two-faced and cannot be trusted. He wants America to mold into his vision, and not identifying how our nation needs God more than ever. The CEO is self-centered and only thinks of himself because he wants more power. He does not talk about holding charity events and giving back to the community. Instead, he only cares about getting rich and richer. In Matthew 19: 16-30 when the rich ruler asked Jesus how to get an eternal life, Jesus responded, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow

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