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E Pluribus Unum
"out of many, one"
many states became one nation
Pledge of Allegiance
expresses basic ideals that Americans share
"rule by the people"
the people choose their leaders and make their own decisions about government
John F. Kennedy said citizens should be responsible for the good of their country.
"...ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country."
supply and demand
how much of a product is available and how much of it people will buy
What effect does moving away from the equator have on climate.
The farther an area is located from the equator, the colder its climate will be.
What is one theory for why early peoples migrated to North America?
They were following animals they hunted for food.
Effects of trading with other groups of people:
1.learn about other cultures
2.share goods and ideas
3.become interested in other customs
Effect of European trade routes:
permanent contact between the Eastern and Western hemispheres
Reasons for English wanting colonies in America:
1. find gold
2. find other resources
1st English colony in America:
Roanoke Island
1st permanent English colony in America:
Why did Pilgrims leave their homes in Europe?
to find religious freedom
Why did the French and Dutch want colonies in America?
to find the Northwest Passage
What united the colonists in America against the British?
Who were the Patriots?
colonists who opposed King George III
1st battle of the American Revolution:
Battle of Lexington
(Shot heard round the world)
Main point of the Declaration of Independence:
Men have rights that cannot be taken away.
a weakness of the Articles of Confederation:
Congress could not pass tax laws.
three branches of government:
1. legislative (makes laws)
2. executive (enforces laws)
3. judicial (interprets laws)
study of the earth and how people use it
free enterprise
economy in which people start their own businesses and own their own property
government in which people elect their own representatives to make laws and run the government
the way of life of a group of people
the weather in an area over a long period of time