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lose face

از محبوبیت افتادن

turn a blind eyes to sth

pretend not to see sth wrong

out of the blue


in the distance

far away but able to be seen or heard

rings a bell

it sound familiar

steer/stay clear of sb or sth

take care to avoid sb or sth couse it may a problem

wh-questions + on earth

emphasize the question when ure angry

be in/ get intoa state

be become anxious or upset

make sence

جور در میاد

without fail


how come

used for asl the reason

like mad

fast hard much

flat out

hard much fast

be in two minds about sth

to be unable to decide

in the end


be a good thing that

the lucky thing

a good laugh

they are fun

be rolling in money

have a lot of money

take advantage about sth

make good use of sth

change ur mind

change ur opinion

get nowhere

make no progress

a piece of cake

veryyy easy to do

a stone's throw

a shrt distance

famouse last words

think sb is soeaking a looot

better late than never

دیز رسیدن بهتر از هرگز رسیدنه

bright and early

early in the morning

more and less


get through to sb

make contact with sb by phone

laugh sth off

make joke to say its not importamt

dont ask me

i dont know the answer

search me

dont know the answer

thank heavens

u are pleased and relieved about sth

trail and error

تصیح و خطا

live on sth

have a money to buy sth to be alvie

good grief

surprised shock

in the main


find ur feet

be confidend in the hard situation

absence makes the heart grow fonder7

love sb even if he is far

a fact of life

sth bad that u cant change it

no way


get lost


make fun of sb

مسخره کردن کسی

swap places with sb

take sb position

a pain in tge neck

sb annoyed u

go away

گمشد ملو