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first of all

before begong

go over/through sth

look at check

leave sth out

not do srh

leave sb out

not include sb

rub sth out

remove with rubber

take it in turns/take it in turns

do sth one after anotjer

swap place

take sb place

finish sth off

do the last part of sth

put sth away

بذاری سر جاش یه چیزید

call it a day

decide to stop what u are doing

hand sth in

u give sth to persob in authority

hans sth out/give sth out

give sth to each person in group

hamd sth round

pass sth in group spe food

take it seriously

take it important

look sth up

search in dic

in rough

چک نویس

cross sth out

زیرش خط بکشی چون غلطه

its no use / its no good

it deabt have good result

go back to


build sth up

increas or develop sth over

the tip of the iceberg

only small part of much larger problem