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Largest ocean
To measure the depth of the ocean, saliors used to drop long ropes with _____________ on the end
Today scientists map the ocean floor with the use of a
An aid in mapping the ocean floor is ___
A _____ on the ocean floor is like a canyon on the Earth's surface
The continental _____ extends under the ocean from the continents shoreline
The ocean floor ___ sharply at the continental slope
The part of the ocean that measures from 4,000 to 5,000 meters is called the
ocean basin
An ocean ridge is much like _____ on the Earth's surface.
_____ shelf is the shallow part of the ocean at the edge of the continents
________ and Emile Gagnan developed scuba gear in 1943.
Jacques Cousteau
In 1960 Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh went down into the Marines Trench with the _____
Trieste (bodyscaph)
Dr. Sylvia Earle spends so much time inthe ocean-she has been nicknamed "Her Royal _____"
________ has explored the ocean floor in the NR_1. He has seen more ocean floor than any other living person
Dr.Robert Ballard
beginning in 1872 this vessel took thousands of measurements of currents, temperatures and depths. They also discovered many unknown plants and animals
H.M.S. Challenger
Cousteau and his crews explored the beauty of the ocean on this vessel.
This vellel carried 3 people down to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. They discovered fish had never been seen before
This vessle is a nuclear submarine that can stay underwater for about a month
This vessel is a robot which is used for exploration. It can stay down for up to a year.
This vessel is a minisubmarine that can go deep in the ocean
Deep Flight
A riverlike flow of water in the ocean
The rise and fall of hte surface level of theocean
The up-and-down movement of ocean water caused by the wind
The part of the continents near the shoreline that extends under the ocean is the ___.
continental shelf
The highest part of a chain of underwater mountains is a ___.
A ___ is a deep valley at he botton of the ocean.
A riverlike flow of water through an ocean is called a ___
A _____is the fall in the level of the water along the ocean shore.
low tide
A _____is the up and down movement of ocan water.
The depth of ocean water increases sharply at the ____________
contintal slope
The ____________ of the ocean receives the most light
light zone
A _____ is made up of living animals tat develop rock skeletons.
coral reef
The floor under the deep part of the ocean is called the _____
ocean basin
Sunlight does not reach the _____ of the ocean
dark zone
What is the difference between a continetal shelf and contintal slope.
The shelf extends from the shore. The slope is a drop off (like a ski-slope). The slope is deeper than the shelf.
What is an underwater breathing device?
How is it useful to divers?
It is a tank of air attached to a facemask. By using it, divers can stay underwater for several hours. Also useful because they can go deeper.
What causes ocean tides?
The pull of the moon on ocean water (like the pull of a magnet on metal).
How are the light zone and the dark zone of the ocean different?
The light zone receives sunlight - therefore it is brighter and warmer and contains many living things (plants and animals). Deeper is the dark zone, the water seems black. There is much food (plants or animals) there.