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Eugenie Clark Known to many as “ The Shark Lady”, Eugenie Clark received many awards, accomplishments, and contributed in more than one way to the biology community. More about Eugenie, her inspirations, accomplishments, contributions and where the world is at today based on the knowledge that has bee acquired over the years will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Eugenie Clark was born May 4, 1992 in New York City to her Japanese mother and American father. Her father passed away when she was a little girl and her mom later remarried to a Japanese restaurant owner in New York. Eugenie passed away on February 25, 2015 (NationalGeo).
- Eugenie had a very well educated background. She had a degree in zoology from Hunter College in1942,
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With all that inspiration, it helped launch her passions and discoveries to contribute to the science community. Eugenie worked along side many different men and woman and made an impact on a lot of people. Eugenie worked with a man named C.M. Breder Jr. (National Geo). She also worked with a woman named Sylvia Earle (National Geo). Over the years, it has been said that Eugenie “will be remembered for her legacy of amazing discoveries and their ripple effects around the world”(Mote). Dr. Clark “conducted 72 submersible dives as deep as 12,000 feet and led over 200 field research expeditions to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba Caribbean, Mexico, Japan, Palau, Pap New Guniea, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, Indonesia and Borneo to study sand fishes, whale sharks, deep sea sharks and spotted oceanic triggerfish. She wrote three books and more than 175 articles, including research publications in leading peer reviewed journals such as Science and a dozen popular …show more content…
Eugenie loved her field and a passion behind her work which helped her be successful; “her fascination with fishes and dedication to research changed marine science forever; her life story set an example for women in science and countless others who are striving to make a positive impact; her graciousness and warmth opened hearts and made ocean knowledge more accessible to many; and above all, her leadership and legacy sparked a tradition of world-class marine research and education that will continue for generations. Her passion for science and her freedom to pursue that science at Mote continue to inspire us all.” (mote). Clearly Eugenie had an effect on the biology community but on lives to, leaving behind a legacy of her own. Dr. Clark also was awarded because of her many achievements. She was the receiver of the following awards : “three honorary degrees and numerous awards including The Explorers Club Medal; the Medal of Excellence from the American Society of Oceanographers; The NOGI award in Arts from Underwater Society of America; the Dugan Award in Aquatic Sciences from the American Littoral Society; a Gold Medal from the Society of Women Geographers; the Distinguished Fellow

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