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When magnetic flux produced by one coil induces an EMF in a second coil, it is called:

1) Capacitive reactance

2) Inductive reactance

3) Self inductance

4) Mutual inductance

5) Electromagnetic induction

Mutual inductance

Step-down transformers:

1) Have smaller diameter wire in the secondary windings

2) Have larger diameter wire in the secondary windings

3) Require smaller diameter wire in secondary coils

4) Have larger diameter wire in the primary windings

5) Have primary and secondary coils the same wire diameter

Have larger diameter wire in the secondary windings


1) Use two windings for primary and secondary circuits

2) Can use less copper

3) Use more copper

4) Have large ratios of transformation

5) Have an equal ratio of transformation

Can use less copper

Transformer cooling oil has:

1) A poorer insulating characteristic than air

2) A very high fire point

3) A very low safety hazard

4) No factors that necessitate better wire insulation

5) A very high specific heat

A very high specific heat

Three major losses which occur in a transformer are iron losses, copper losses, and:

1) Inductive losses

2) Capacitive losses

3) Flux leakage

4) Heat losses

5) Cooling losses

Flux leakage

Transformers function on the principle of:

1) Interaction of residual magnetism

2) Mutual inductance

3) High resistance to DC current

4) Mutual conductance

5) Conductance

Mutual inductance

A transformer works on the principle of:

1) DC power flowing in one direction

2) Reverse polarity

3) Straight polarity

4) Automatic induction

5) Magnetic induction

Magnetic induction

Current transformers are:

1) Current step-up transformers

2) Voltage step-up transformers

3) High power factor transformers

4) Rectifying transformers

5) Power step-up transformers

Voltage step-up transformers