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spinning circle with slits that would produce moving images (woman in black-esque)


similar to zoetropes, but has mirror

Magic Lantern

praxinoscope's successor

August and Louis Lumiere

first filmmakers in history


-30 seconds of life action

-no editing, 1 shot= 1 clip

Beginning of motion pictures (year)

1895, in Grand Cafe, Paris by the Lumieres

George Melies

-"A Trip to the Moon"

-Constructed scenes, not shots (theatre style)

Edwin Porter

-"The Great Train Robbery"

-introduced parallel editing

D.W. Griffith (3 things)

-"Birth of a Nation"

-Biograph studios

-developed basic methods of continuity editing

German Expressionism

-appeared in cinema 1920


-anti realist

-built sets

-stylized lighting etc.

3 key expressionism movies


-Woman in the Moon

-The Nibelungen

F.W. Murnau




Last big expressionist movie

M (Fritz Lang), 1931

Lev Kuleshov

-invented Kuleshov effect

-found that editing determines the meaning of clips

Sergei Eisenstein


-Directed Potemkin

-Used montage

-Wrote "Dickens, Griffith, and the Film Today"

Dialectical Montage

-editing based on contradictive qualities

-shots are factually "immutable" (incomplete on their own)

Carl Theodore Dryer

-Directed Passion of Joan of Arc

-Directed Vampyr

-opposed to mass production methods

-close ups

Jean Renior


-Directed The Grand Illusion

-Directed Rules of the Game

-moving camera

-long takes

Pre War French Cinema

-Avante Garde


-Ballet Mechanical

French Sound Experimentation movie

Under the Roofs of Paris (1930)

French Golden Decade

Box office strength 2nd in the world, to US

French Poetic Realism

-focus on working class

-location shooting

Arrival of Sound



-Warner Bros

-Sound on disk

First Talkie

-Jazz Singer (by Warner Bros)


Fox Film Corp.


-RCA (later known as RKO)

-Used variable area soundtrack

Industry standard for audio

variable area soundtrack

Hollywood Studios After 1930



-20th Century Fox

-Warner Bros




-United Artists

First movie censorship ordinance

Chicago 1907

Supreme Court decision on movies

1915, movies are excluded from free speech