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Species with limited resources usually exhibit a....growth curve


The maximum growth rate characteristic of a species is called its

Biotic potential

The population size of a species capable of being supported by the environment is called its

Carrying capacity

Species that have many offspring at one time are usually


A forest fire is an example of....regulation

Density independent

Birth rate

The number of births within a population at a specific point in time

Carrying capacity

The maximum number of individuals of a population that can be supported by the limited resources of a habitat

Death rate

The number of deaths within a population at a specific point in time

Density-dependent regulation

The regulation of population in which birth and death rates are dependent on population size

Density-independent regulation

The regulation of population in which the death rate is independent of the population size

Exponential growth

An accelerating growth pattern seen in populations where resources are not limiting

Intrapsecific competition

The competition among members of the same species

J-shaped growth curve

The shape of exponential growth curve

K-selected species

A species suited to stable environments that produce a few, relatively large offspring and provide parental care

Logistic growth

The leveling off of exponential growth due to limiting resources

r-selected species

A species suited to changing environments that produce many offspring and provide little or not parental care (fish)

S-shaped growth curve

The shape of a logistic growth curve

Zero population growth

The steady population size where birth rates and death rates are equal