The Causes Of Pollution

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In the year 1800, one billion existed in Earth. In the year 1927, there were two billion. Three billion in 1960. Four billion in 1974. Six billion in 1999 and seven billion in 2011. Population growth is the increase of individuals in individuals in a given space. The more people on Earth, more resources and space will be needed. Carrying capacity is the maximum population of a given species that a particular habitat can sustain indefinitely without degrading the habitat. Experts debate on whether or not humans have hit their carrying capacity or when it will be reached. Whether or not the carrying capacity has yet been reached, environmental degradation is happening. Trees are cut faster than they are being reproduced. Forests reduce soil …show more content…
The two main types of pollution are point source pollution and non-point source pollution. Point source pollution is from a clear source and non-point comes from several sources and is hard to identify a single culprit. Pesticides are an example of non-point source pollution. The pollution is pesticides, and it is known to come from farms, but a single farm cannot be held responsible for the pollution, because the pesticides are spread by precipitation and wind. Pollution can degrade the quality of life, human health and the environment. Pollution today is mainly man-made, industrial waste, but pollution can be animals. Invasive species are biotic pollution to the native species because the species is threatened by the invasive species. There are two basic approaches to dealing with pollution, pollution prevention or pollution cleanup. Pollution prevention is either figuring out a solution the issue of pollution or stopping the pollution from occurring in the first place. Pollution cleanup up is repairing the mess after it has been made. Pollution cleanup has a number of issues, cleaning up only places a bandage on the issue, cleaning up one pollutant often places the pollutant in another environment and once pollutants have entered the environment, it often cost too much to clean up. Overall, pollution prevention saves more money and is more effective than pollution

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