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ἄστυ, ἄστεως, τό
ἀφικνέομαι, ἀφίξομαι, ἀφῑκόμην, BLANK, ἀφῖγμαι, BLANK
arrive (middle deponent compounded with ἀπο-, root ἱκ-) Contracted present, 2nd aorist, ῑ of 3rd is past ind augment, ῖ of 5th is part of tense stem : In perfect, accent of compound verb cannot recede beyond initial syllable of stem (so ἀφῖγμαι)
δεῖ, δεήσει, (ἐδέησε ἐδέησεν), BLANK, BLANK, BLANK (impersonal verb)
it is necessary, must; there is need
ἰᾱτρός, ἰᾱτροῦ, ὁ
κεῖμαι, κείσομαι, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK
lie, be placed, be set (athematic, only middle; κει stem in all verbs of 1st PP except Present Subjunctive: κε - no contraction, present optative: κε - no contraction, thematic endings) present serves as perfect passive of τίθημι (κεῖται -it has been laid down), imperfect as pluperfect passive of τίθημι
νοῦς, νοῦ, ὁ
mind, reason
πυνθάνομαι, πεύσομαι, ἐπυθόμην, BLANK, πέπυσμαι, BLANK
inquire, learn by inquiry + GEN person heard, + ACC thing heard (2nd aorist) governs indirect statement with finitive verb + ὅτι/ὡς OR participle with subject accusative OR infinitive with subject accusative
τρέπω, τρέψω, ἔτρεψα or ἐτραπόμην, τέτροφα, τέτραμμαι, ἐτράπην or ἐτρέφθην
turn (transitive- make something turn or make enemy turn and run [put to flight]); MV: intransitive "turn oneself" or transitive "make turn for one's own advantage", Aorist Passive: intransitive "turn oneself" (1st aorist -MV only transitive "put to flight for one's own advantage", deponent 2nd aorist, two aorist passives)
φαίνω, φανῶ, ἔφηνα, πέφηνα, πέφασμαι, ἐφάνην
show, cause to appear; (MV, Perfect Active, Aorist Passive) appear - as "appear" can govern either infinitive "he appears to be bad" or participle "he is apparent, being bad> it is apparent that he is bad" (contracted future, perfect mid/pass stem sometimes πέφαν, perfect mid/pass conjugated: πέφασμαι, πεφασμένος εἶ, πέφανται, πεφάσμεθα, πέφανθε, πεφασμένοι εἰσί(ν). same pattern for pluperfect. perfect inf. mid/pass is πεφάνθαι)
χρή, χρῆσται, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK (impersonal verb)
ought; must