William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet The name Romeo, in popular culture, has become synonymous with "lover". Romeo

Montague, in William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' does indeed experience a

love of such purity and passion which drives him to death, when he believes the

object of his love, Juliet Capulet, has died. Emotions and changes are conveyed in Romeo's use of language and his gestured. It is the scenes in which Romeo and Juliet are together that I shall study in the following essay to show Romeo's changes and how Shakespeare's language is used to show this.

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The oxymorons show he is full of turbulent feelings and also show his stress. Supposed love has transformed him into a person even he himself can't recognize. He says "Tut. I have lost myself. I am not me"

Romeo talks about love emotionally but in a clichéd way. His exaggerations are of a sickly manner. "When she dies her beauty dies her store", showing this in not love, it is infatuation. Romeo also uses rhyming couplets and this is evidence that what he feels is false love. The are learned words- not from the heart. Romeo is not in love with Rosaline. He is in love with the idea of being in love,. This love is a sharp contrast to the love which Romeo will later feel for Juliet- that is true love.

It is in Act 1 Scene 5 that Romeo first meets Juliet. "Did my heart love till now?" He directs this phrase at Juliet before the two have even met. When they do at last meet, Juliet shares with Romeo not one but two kisses, the second induced by Juliet. " Thus from my lips by thine my sin is purged" These shows of affection in the time in which the play is set would be ung=heard of upon a first meeting. This shows just how the pair truly epitomise the phrase, "Love at first sight" for they did not let the fact they were total strangers hinder the strength of their feelings even if the

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