William Henry Harrison Essay

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William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison was born February 9th, 1773 on Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia (Peterson 4). Harrison was the youngest of seven children in his family. His family was wealthy and participated in politics actively (Miller Center). Harrison’s father was governor of Virginia for three terms (Miller Center) and signed the declaration of Independence (The White House). During this time in history, younger male siblings would usually enter the military, clergy, or trade because the oldest sibling usually took the household property. Since Harrison was the youngest of seven children, he knew from his childhood that he would have to be self-sufficient and could not rely on his parents to support …show more content…
(Miller Center) Harrison’s future wife Anna Semmes moved into the Fort Washington area because her father had been appointed as the judge in the region. Anna was quickly attracted to the young officer, but her father didn’t approve and insisted that she find a wealthier man who could completely support her, claiming that the military was not enough. When Anna’s father was traveling to another part of the territory, Harrison and Anna got married (The White House). When Anna’s father found out, he became very upset that his daughter was marrying a man who could do nothing but fight (Miller Center). In 1798, Harrison resigned from the army and it was then that Anna’s father saw he needed to use his ties with the White House to help Harrison. In 1798, President John Adams elected Harrison as the secretary of the Northwest Territory. In 1799, the Northwest Territory was allowed to send a delegate to the United States Congress for the first time in history. Although new to the team, Harrison was elected to go. Harrison was very popular with voters because he reformed land-buying policies to allow only large purchases and enabled settlers to buy smaller lots on longer installment plans (Miller Center). During 1800, William Henry Harrison and his wife Anna Harrison had three children out of the ten they would eventually have. That same year, the Northwest Territory that Harrison was secretary of

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