William Blake Essay

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William Blake

William Blake was a revolutionary author who was not afraid to express hie views in a time where criticism was a huge part of determining one's life. Blake used his religious beliefs and his self proclaimed messenger to portray his thoughts in his poem. Poems such as ""The Tyger ", ""The Lamb "", and "The Sick Rose "are classic examples of his work.
William Blake was born in London, November 28, 1757. His father, James Blake, was a London hosier. His mother's maiden name was Catherine Harmitage. William had three brothers and a sister. His older brother took over his father's hosiery business. His younger brothers were besaught with tragedy. John died young. The youngest, Robert, was dear to William, as he also had
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The text and designs were then left in relief, and could be printed in any color. This Blake called "illuminated printing", and was used by him to publish his works for the rest of his life.
From the years 1793 to 1800, his creative output was greater than ever. Unfortunately, this great exertion seemed to have worn Blake out. Following numerous dissapointments, both in the recognition of his literary and artistic works, he entered into a stage of depression. This period, in which even some of his close friends and acquaintances deemed him insane, lasted from 1810 to 1817. In 1818, Blake entered upon the last, and possibly happiest phase of his life. He finally began to gain the recognition he deserved, and befriended many famous English artists. Beginning in 1824, he began to suffer from symptoms of gallstones, which eventually caused his death on August 12, 1827.
In ""The Lamb "", Blake is describing the beauty of a lamb, and how ""The Lamb "" symbolizes God's wonderful creations. The first 8 lines of the poem list the attributes of ""The Lamb "" which Blake find so amazing, and how God was the one who gave them to ""The Lamb "". Lines such as "Softest clothing, wooly, bright", and " Gave thee such a tender voice", are intended to show how magnificent a creature ""The Lamb "" is. The next lines are intended to show ""The Lamb "" Blake knows who the creator is and will reveal it to ""The Lamb "". He is most likely talking

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