Who is Holding the African American Culture Back? Essay examples

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Who is holding the African American Culture Back?
Slavery is a topic that can still heat up a room just by the mention of the name, even 145 years after the African-American culture was set free. John McWhorter and other elite scholars go into detail about how the circumstances of low income, illiteracy, and high crime rates that African-Americans find themselves in, are outcomes of following a “cult of victimology” (Brophy, 2002). Low graduation rates among the African American population aids in the high unemployment rate, influencing a higher risk for health issues and poverty. Even though some may have fallen prey to slavery, the African American culture can overcome history and should take responsibility for their outcomes.
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I was fortunate enough to have parents that let me watch the series “Roots” when I was seven. Some people saw the popularity of this series as proof that Americans were starting to sympathize with the African-American culture and their history (Davidson & et al., 2008).
From that point on, I was curious about how we as human beings could treat another human being so destructively. Bound and determined not to repeat history, I set out at a young age to never take to heart the opinions of others before I see for myself. I wanted to study and learn as much about history in our country, so I could develop my own opinion on who I am and who I wanted to become.
When I moved to Texas at the young age of twenty, I was thankful that I had done my research and paid attention to my teachers in history class. I went from a small town with little exposure to African Americans and their culture, to working construction in the streets of Stop Six on the Eastside and Como on the Westside of Fort Worth, Texas in the early 1990’s. This rough neighborhood was the stomping grounds of the local gangs; the Cripps on the east side of town and the Bloods on the west. I witnessed shootings, drug deals, prostitution, streets littered with dirty needles, boarded up houses used as “crack houses” and look outs on every street corner watching out for “five-o”

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