We Must Enforce Title IX Essay

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The Civil right Acts of 1964 was originally written to end discrimination based on race, color, national origin, and along the way came Title IX. Title IX as we all know gave equal opportunity for women to participate in sports starting in Elementary schools to colleges or the universities level and almost all schools and colleges receive federal funding. The original intention was never focused on sports. It wasn’t until 1969 when an emerging activist by the name of Bernice Sandler complained to the University of Maryland and many more other universities that women are being treated unfairly, and the inequalities in pay, rank, admissions, and much more. In 1970, “Sandler joined Representative Edith Green’s Subcommittee on Higher Education …show more content…
The impact of Title IX has been very favorable for women in the long run as many studies show. There are more women participating in sports now than in 1972, many more women are earning higher college degrees, and women are studying what was once studied by men only. Although there is a clear vision that Title IX helped many women, many people still feel that women are still being left out in the sports department. Male althletes still have a higher ratio compared to the females and more money is being spend on male athletes. Many schools blame this cause to the fact that women aren’t that interested in participating sports which can be true or not but Title IX undoubtedly gave everyone and especially women the most fundamental rights to achieve any goals they wish. Through the history of time women have always been second class citizen to men and to even going far as being called properties in other countries. Title IX allows women to break away from that barrier and to be more independent. Looking from a sports perspective, we can perceive that America’s women have been dominating the scene. Soccer is one of the least interest sports in America but ironically the America’s women soccer team has been ranked #1 for years and that can also be said about many other sports. Sure, one can say that American women athletes are more physically gifted, potentially better

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