Travelers in Emigrants Crossing the Plains by Albert Bierstadt

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I can’t believe it! We’re moving at a rate faster than ever before – almost 10 miles were covered since daybreak and it isn’t even the evening yet! We’ve been moving since 4 in the morning. Some pesky Indians came in the way when we were herding up our cattle but I know dad and his friends took care of the issue. I made my own breakfast today too, we call it Johnnycake. You mix some cornmeal with salt and water; I’ve heard they’ve been eating this stuff since the 1730s! I finished eating real quick to go with my father to the front. Some men ride on horses in the front to make a plain and open path for us to go on, and he’s one of ‘em. Before I knew it, it was Wagons Ho. It was all going smooth until tragedy struck ‘round noon. Little …show more content…
There is a greater message present in incentive of these emigrants to invest time and energy in finding a better life by following the Oregon Trail. Bierstadt painted this not only to display his love of nature and his surrounding, but to create a story for Americans involved in westward expansion in the late 1800s following this path. Bierstadt was born on January 7th, 1830 in Dusseldorf, Germany and died on February 18th, 1902 in New York City. His childhood and exposure to varying surroundings was crucial to his inspiration for his artwork. As a member of the Hudson River School, Bierstadt gained critical experience in painting the landscapes in upstate New York as well as the Hudson River itself. In 1859, he travelled in expeditions on the Oregon Trail alongside Colonel Frederick William Lander, acting as the catalyst for his love of the west. The Rocky Mountains, he claimed, were able to compete against the Alpine Mountains of Europe. His relationship with the Native Americans enhanced his experience and the vision of his paintings. On his second expedition in the west, he encountered a party of Germans with 50 wagons. Their vivid clothing and liveliness influenced his creation of Emigrants Crossing the Plains. Bierstadt described the group as “…a delight

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