Essay about Three Types of Language in North Carolina

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You may think you have heard it all until you come to the south. The phonetics and dialect is most basic and unconscious. Scotch-Irish, English, and Cherokee languages left distinct dialects, which made a great contribution to the heritage, vocabulary, and way of life. Departing from traditional standard English, Carolina dialects claim no cognitive validity concerning proper grammar. Equally important, speaking ideally a language that poses as English. The rhetoric, syntax, and semantics change depending on audience, geographical location, occasion, and intent of communication. There are three types of language in North Carolina, The Outer Banks dialect; spoken on the coast of North Carolina, mountain talk; concentrated in the …show more content…
Mountain people are masters of coining expressions like, “It’s easier than putting socks on a rooster “and “lost as a ball in high grass”. Because of mountain folk’s environmental isolation, they adapted a unique vocabulary and ways of pronouncing words... My grandma used to say”, Bring me a poke to put this in” and “All you kids do all day is mess and gaum”. She would also say, “One day Russia is gonna bum us and we’re all gonna wake up dead.” Double negatives are always a favorite, specifically “never nothing stops”, or “wouldn’t swap places with nobody”. Even today, not much has changed in the mountain communities; their way of communicating is still going strong. The Cherokee Reservation has two distinct dialects known as Tutiyi, spoken in Snowbird community and Kituwah, spoken on the Qualla Boundary. Both are native tongue with similar pronunciations. Sequoyah developed the Cherokee Syllabary. Formed by 85 characters Sequoyah’s Syllabary was also known as “Talking Leaves”. This gave the Cherokee tribe a huge advantage over all the other tribes because other tribes had not developed their own language into letters. Because of their isolation, the Kituhwa dialect was less impacted by the influences of other Native cultures. Snowbird community still holds to their traditions.Illustrated here in an example are words like mink sv-gi and

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