Things I Carried-Personal Narrative Essay

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Things I Carried-Personal Narrative

I was carrying my whole life with me, as I walked towards the aircraft. I was carrying two suitcases, filled mainly with clothes and books. I know they were less than 20 kilograms because that was the permissible weight. I could not feel their weight as they were on the trolley. I had a backpack on my shoulders. It contained some eatables, some clothes, a novel, some magazines, a portable CD player, some CDS, a deck of cards, and an inflatable pillow. I was well prepared for my long flight. In my hand I carried as brown leather case containing my passport, visa, and all other personal documents and papers. If I were to lose that case, technically I would cease to exist. Other than that, I had a
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I did that because never ever in my life before or afterwards, have I felt such a strong sense of ambivalence, and I wanted to translate that to the audience. I have also given reasons for making the decision to study abroad. I included that because almost every one I meet asks me the reason for coming to the U.S, and hence I thought it was an aspect I needed to touch. . I go on and write about incidents in the process of adapting to a new place. I chose to write about this because the whole transition has been such a big thing in my life, and I decided it was important enough to be the one thing I wanted to give life to, by writing a story about it. I felt that if I was going to write a story about any part of my life, this was the thing I wanted to share with others. Mostly all events described in the story in the first four pages or so are real-life events, with a slight twist here and there, to make the story more interesting. Even though I have devoted most of my story to the first part, the second part of the story is equally important. The second part of the story is the last couple of paragraphs where I say that I decided to settle down in India. I consider this portion as the second part of my story because there is a fundamental difference between this part and the rest of the story; unlike the preceding part, it is a product of my imagination. Hence, strictly speaking, only towards the end of the story that I have created the "magic of

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