Therapeutic Communication Essay

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Therapeutic Communication

Communication is the process of conveying information to each another using words, actions, or by writing the information down to be read by another person. Communication is something that most people do at some point each day, and is an important part of life especially in a working environment. “The concept of communication is an essential part of every profession, and it is required to foster and maintain healthy relationships”( Jasmine, 2009, para. 1).

Communication in the nursing practice and in healthcare is important because when talking with patients, their families, and staff, the nurse and the nursing student needs to be able to efficiently express the information that they want the other
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Nursing students may not have the chance to develop optimal communication skills during their schooling because of time constraints, but having a chance to practice communication and decision making skills will lead to compassionate care giving and optimal patient outcome (Corless, Michel, Nicholas, Jameson, & Purtilo, Dirkes, 2009, para. 2).

Therapeutic Communication is an effective and very important step in the patient’s care and recovery process. The nurse’s use of therapeutic communication during patient care helps the nurse recognize the needs of the patient and view the patient as a whole person in order to promote complete healing. In a fast paced, high task clinical environment a nurse may not feel like time is available to interact with each patient under their care using therapeutic communication, but taking the time listen to the patient and to allowing them to express their feelings or concerns is an important part of establishing a nurse-patient relationship . Lack of using therapeutic communication by a nurse or nursing student while providing patient care may lead the patient to feel unattended to, or that they are not able to trust the nurse to provide them with quality care.

Although few studies have been conducted to examine patients’ view on nurses’ communication skills, it is common knowledge that a lack of

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