The Varied Impact of the Great Depression on American People

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The Varied Impact of the Great Depression on American People

The experiences of Americans during the Great Depression varied greatly. For most, the Great Depression was a time of hardships and trials. The way that people were tried were different though, some languished in a collapsed economy, while others had to struggle to make a living in the remote regions of the country.

The years berween 1929 and 1933 were trying years for people throughout the world. Inflation was often so high money became nearly worthless. America had lost the prosperity it had known during the 1920's. America was caught in a trap of a complete meltdown of economy, workers had no jobs simply because it cost too much to ship the abundance of goods being
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One of these families is of the Heroux family. The Heroux family was of French decent, immigrating to the United States before the world wars. The history of the Boyle family will also be explored. The Boyle family is of mixed Irish and English decent. In the late 1800's, the Boyles were forced out of Ireland because British officials had claimed that the body of a British soldier had been found on the Boyle's successflil horse breeding ranch.

However, there were people during The Great Depression that were not as bad off though. The Heroux family living in Chicago area was an example of this. Jeanne Heroux was born in 1932, but considers herself fortunate. Her family owned a candy store during the depression, and Jeanne never even noticed that there was a problem.

Jeanne Heroux did experience some common problems of the time though. She was a sickly child, and contracted double pneumonia and whooping cough. She eventually overcame her illness, but was plagued with bad health for much of her childhood. After her case of pneumonia, she would come down with a cold nearly every week, which caused her to miss school for up a week, or possibly longer. Even a cold was a major illness for a sickly child during the 1930's and 1940's; it was not until the invention of miracle drugs such as sulfa pills and penicillin. (Boyle, Jeanne)

When Jeanne Heroux was eight, her father died when nurses administered the wrong dosage of anesthetic to him when he was having his

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