The Truman Doctrine Essay

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The Truman Doctrine

The thirty-third president of the United States initiated great change within our country. Harry S. Truman, the creator of the Truman Doctrine created an era of change in United States foreign policy. Truman was the first to create a foreign policy in order to contain Communism, a policy that has been called, 'the hallmark of the Cold War.'1 The Truman Doctrine led to major changes in the U.S., from its inception, to its influence in the Vietnam War. The Soviet Union took advantage of Eastern Europe's situation in the aftermath of World War II. It began to take control of many of these countries and install Communist governments. The Soviet Union wanted to use these countries as buffer zones to
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I believe that we must assist free peoples to work out their own destinies in their own way. I believe that our help should be primarily through economic stability and orderly political processes. 3

The only thing hindering Truman was that he faced a hostile and Republican congress. The Republicans were against his idea because the Greek government was corrupt and undemocratic, and also because Turkey was not a democracy. Congress was also concerned that Truman?s plan gave no aid to Communism outside of Europe. Truman eventually convinced Congress and the bill passed on May 15, 1947. In his speech one of the lines that stands out is, ? The free peoples of the world look to us for support in maintaining their freedoms.? After Greece and Turkey received their grants, it was brought to Truman?s attention that Europe was not content with their economic recovery. Great Britain was close to bankruptcy, and Italy, France, and Germany were having an awful winter. Europe needed more aid to keep their democratic efforts alive. To take care of this Truman turned to his Secretary of State, John Marshall. In his position he observed ?Europe?s economic plight.? Marshall proposed a plan that would offer aid to all nations ?West of the Urals.?5 This act was created to rebuild the European market, which would help US trade, and

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