The Sociological Contribution of Karl Marx to an Understanding of Contemporary Society

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The Sociological Contribution of Karl Marx to an Understanding of Contemporary Society

This essay will discuss how the Karl Marx contributed his knowledge to the understanding of contemporary society. Karl Marx is often referred to as the ‘intellectual father of modern day Marxist economics’. Karl Marx was a philosopher, a social scientist and also a historian. He is also known as a revolutionary whose ideas and theories are known as scientific socialism or Marxism.

Marxism helps us to understand society and the way in which individuals within society behave and the reasoning behind this behaviour. Marx explained how employers can exploit and alienate their workers; this is described in more
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It is due to the economic part of society that all the other sections the social, cultural and political sectors of society function. All of these sectors are driven by the economic relations within society. It shows how all societies must produce their own means of subsistence and that the relationships present here are of the utmost importance. The relations between people involved in production and maintaining subsistence are the most fundamental within a society. Marxism describes how these relationships of production refer to the relationships that human beings develop and establish in order to satisfy the economic means of a society. It can be seen now that, capital is the most important factor in today’s society. Marx used the word Capitalism to describe this ‘economic production system’.

Capital does not just refer to money. Modern day production processes involve investment in goods, services and people this is also referred to as the capital. Wealth is also used in other ways than in the pre-capitalistic society. For example, a farmer after having produced for his own needs and that of his family will sell any of a surplus in order to buy the commodities they could not produce.

However in capitalism what happens is that this money is invested in order to make more money, and to make a profit. Capitalist individuals

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