Essay about The Role of the Hero in Beowulf

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Beowulf is a warrior of Hygelac who was the strongest of men alive in that day. Beowulf was mighty and noble. He learns that a monster named Grendel is terrorizing King Hrothgar and his people, the Danes. He swears to kill the monster with his bare hands and travels to Herot to do so.

Grendel is a terrible and strong monster that terrorizes the Danes. Beowulf becomes a hero when he confronts Grendel and grabs him making Grendel afraid for his fate. Nevertheless, who is the real hero? Some think Beowulf is, but others, think is Grendel. No warrior before Beowulf dared fight Grendel, and Beowulf is
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He can sense it something is coming that will have a great effect on Grendel. It seems Beowulf is Grendel's destiny. He cannot avoid it; all of his protestations are useless. Beowulf is arriving to kill Grendel. When Grendel’s mother decides to avenge her only son’s death, Beowulf fights her and kills her.
Beowulf becomes king and rules for 50 years. When fights the dragon, it bites his neck but even wounded Beowulf gathers strength and kills the dragon. However it is a bitter victory for Beowulf, he is mortally ill and dies from the wounds.
This essay examines both Grendel and Beowulf, of good and evil. It discusses the main character in each book and their different idea as to what good and evil are.


Beowulf is a brave and fearless warrior beloved by his people. He is the strongest man alive; he is a “monster” warrior capable of fighting anything or anyone. Beowulf fights many monsters over his life-time but probably his most famous battle involves a monster named Grendel. Beowulf has a reputation as a warrior and when he hears Grendel is terrorizing King Hrothgar and his people, he decides to travel to Herot and fight the monster. He wants to kill him and save the Danes from being attacked, “And now I shall, alone, fight Grendel.,” Beowulf comes to Herot, ep 3, anonymous, circa XI century. He wants to fight the monster wilth his hands, without

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