Essay on The Role of Genetic Engineering in our Society

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The Role of Genetic Engineering in our Society

With today's technology in genetic engineering, it seems we can almost play God. Scientifically speaking, are we enabling our bodies to survive all the traumas of a hostile environment, or are we endangering future generations to a limiting gene pool? Spiritually speaking, are we improving our bodies to save more of God's people, or are we attempting to "perfect" God's creation, and damning ourselves? The technology of genetic engineering is advancing at a dizzying pace, but is the morality at which we guide our use of this technology evolving quickly enough?

The potentials of modifying our genes seem irresistible. Everything from cystic fibrosis to AIDS seems to be preventable, and we
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Genetic engineering brings about highly controversial debates. There are two main areas of discussion to any technology: the scientific repercussions, and the spiritual repercussions. Both these areas of the issues need thorough attention. I hope to shed light on the positive and negative aspects of genetic engineering in both these areas. After these views have been dealt with, I will share my personal belief on the matter. We all have different perspectives in this accelerating society in which we live. We must first be aware of all the sides of an issue before we can make any intelligent decisions.

A Scientific Revolution

"There have been astounding recent findings on the exploration of the planets, the collision of the continents, the evolution of the human species, and the nature of the genetic code, which determines our heredity and makes us cousins to all other plants and animals on this planet. Recent findings on these questions can be understood by any intelligent person. Civilizations can be characterized by how people approach such questions, how they nurture the mind as well as the body. Many of the problems facing us may be soluble, but only if we are willing to embrace brilliant daring and complex solutions." --Carl Sagan

Quoted from a speech by Harold Varmus (1996), Carl Sagan can be remembered for his insight into the future. Sagan speaks of the importance of how we

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