The Presentation of the Three Spirits and Marley's Ghost in A Christmas Carol

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The Presentation of the Three Spirits and Marley's Ghost in A Christmas Carol

In a Christmas carol by Charles Dickens, the four ghosts are all described differently. They all help to change scrooge into a nicer person. The ghosts all act disparately and look disparately. Scrooge has a different effect on each one of the ghosts, two of the ghosts he likes and one of the ghosts he dislikes. Scrooge is also treated dissimilar, some ghosts care for him, and others are forceful.

The ghost of Marley appears first, he is described as 'In his pigtail, usual waistcoat, tights and boots; the tassels on the latter bristling, like his pigtail, and his coat-skirts, and the hair upon his head.' Marley also had
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'This garment hung so loosely on the figure, that its capacious breast was bare, as if disdaining to be warded or concealed by any artifice.' His feet was also bare, and on its head it wore no other covering than a holly wreath with shining icicles. 'Its dark brown curls were long and free; free as its genial face, its sparkling eye. Its open hand, its cheery voice, its unconstrained demeanour, and its joyful air.' Around the ghosts middle was an antique scabbard; but there wasn't a sword in it, and the ancient sheath was eaten up with rust.

The last of the ghosts to meet Scrooge was the ghost of Christmas yet to come. You couldn't see any of its facial features because 'it was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its face, its head and its form, and left nothing of it visible, save one outstretched hand.' Because of this it would have been difficult to detach its figure from the night, and separate it from the darkness by which it

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