The People of Easter Island Essay

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When I first picked this book up looking at the comic style cartoon on the cover my initial thought was that it was just another children’s introduction to problems in the environment type book, but as I began to read it this book is turning out to be much more than that. Chapter one begins with the mystery of the statues on Easter Island where the few inhabitants lived a meager existence on the scarce resources that they had available. The island was covered in large stone statues that were erected by the first people to come ashore centuries ago. Research shows that these early settlers came upon an abundance of natural resources including trees. Besides the trees cut down for housing, it seems that the first colonizers cut down trees …show more content…
It is human nature to live for the moment especially when it seems that their is an abundance of resources to use up, but this kind of mentality clearly has its problems and we should make conscious decisions about how our actions affect our future. One of the last lines of the first chapter speculates what must have been going through the mind of the person that chopped down the islands last tree, and as I look again at the cover I notice that there is a family thinking about cutting down their last tree apparently to power their furnace. In the tree is an assortment of all kinds of different species looking to see what the man will do, will we ruin life for everyone just so that we can live comfortably for just a bit longer? Chapter two gives a look into the intricacies of earth’s different cycles and how life plays its role in them. The book gives examples of the Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorous systems that are well illustrated and easy to understand, although it is not as in-depth as say a text book, or biology 202 for that matter, it gets gives the overall concept of each very straight forward. The really interesting about this chapter is what they called the “Gaia Hypothesis” which is the concept that the earth itself is a living being. The earth as a whole will regulate itself to maintain homeostasis where life can flourish indefinitely. In each cycle organisms play important roles in maintaining this balance. In the next chapter the author narrows the

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