The Overuse of Technology Within Education Essays

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Our world is changing gradually bringing these changes into people’s daily life styles; consequently, a person’s potential to embrace these challenges and revolutionize with them has become an important factor to analyze people’s way to prepare themselves for the future. According to Gilbert Valdez, educational technology, especially computers and computer-related peripherals, have grown tremendously and have permeated all areas of our lives. It is incomprehensible that anyone today would argue that banks, hospitals, or any industry should use less technology. Most young people cannot understand arguments that schools should limit technology use. For them, use of the Internet, for example, plays a major role in their relationships with …show more content…
Moreover, according to Mrs. Sánchez, an English professor and current student of the Masters program for English education of Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED), states that many technological advances used for educational purposes have highlighted the weaknesses that many of our current educational methodologies have; not only it has lead to the increase of students’ incapability to understand the usefulness of technology within the classroom, but also it has evidenced the lack of capacity that many professionals have in order to understand the difference between the excessive use of technology in education, and the improvement of the learning process through technological devices. On the other hand, the loss of social interaction influenced by the overuse of technology have impacted people’s behavior; now more than ever, current societies are experiencing different types of educational progress like the development of basic computer skills and the proper use of technology for education. However, students are becoming more and more introvert due to the fact that human relationships as well as social contact is being limited by technology. According to Ms. Sánchez “through a computer you cannot enhanced personal

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