The old man and the sea Essay

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The Old Man and the Sea is a classic novel detailing the life of a Cuban fisherman and his struggle with a massive marlin. All throughout, symbolism serves a key role in shifting the focus from a dry novel to a deep tale with a lasting impression. Religious references are also a significant component, adding a unique point of view readers rarely experience in an ordinary novel. Hemmingway knew, uniting the two would prove the perfect combination. An in depth read will reveal numerous key elements, magnifying The Old Man and the Sea into a classic sustaining tale. Among all the literary elements used in works of literature, symbolism is one of the most important. Attentive readers will find themselves baffled if they miss the symbolism …show more content…
However the roles between the two are not always cut and dry and change as the story progresses. Manolin serves as a father to Santiago in a physical sense, caring and providing for Santiago, before and after his long fishing battle. ”Manolin demonstrates his love for Santiago openly. He makes sure that the old man has food, blankets, and can rest without being bothered” (SparkNotes). Real life relationships between fathers and sons are much like the one between Santiago and Manolin, each person giving and receiving something from the other. Teaching, companionship, and emotional dependence all exist within their relationship. The symbolic comparison depicts the unconditional love and compassion the two have for each other no matter the situation. After reading the novel we understand the significance of the sea and the role it plays in the old fisherman’s life. All humans have something in they can rely on in their daily lives. Santiago, like most humans rely on the sea to provide for him. The sea takes care of Santiago’s physical needs, furnishing food and a minimal amount of income necessary for survival. It also serves Santiago by revealing a trade and career that allowed the fisherman to become less dependent on others. The sea takes care of the old man by meeting his physical and tangible needs, providing a way of life for the old man. With this knowledge in mind, one easily realizes the utmost importance the

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