The New World and Spanish Conquistadors Essay

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In the 1500s Spanish Conquistadors traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World and conquered its native people. Though these early exploration Spain was able to acquire vast territory and wealth.There were many conquistadors in this time period, one of the more well known conquistadors was Francisco Pizarro. Francisco Pizarro helped spread the Spanish language and culture to Peru and many other countries.
The Age of Exploration is a time period between the 15th century and the 17th century. During this period Europeans went out on voyages to find new things such as trading routes, goods, and trading partner. The Spanish on the other hand went out to find new land and gold for Spain. One group of Spanish explorers were known as the
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Even after receiving the ransom Pizarro double crossed the Incas and killed their leader Atahualpa. The native people were left with no leader therefor King Charles made Francisco the governor of Peru. Pizarro becomes rich because of all the silver and gold that the native people bought for the ransom. King Charles and Pizarro's men got twenty percent of the ransom. As more of Pizarro settlers, other people from Spain, and other places came to Peru the native people began to die off because the people that came brought with them diseases from the Old World like smallpox. The Incas had no immunities against the diseases from the Old World, so many of the weak and elderly died.
In modern Peru, Pizarro`s legacy is not often celebrated. Even though the Peruvians are descendants of the Spaniards that came with Pizarro`s men, they side more with the Incans.The native people did not like him because he destroyed their culture and now in Peru they also view him as a bad person. Peruvian Indians which are descendants of the Inca, see him as an invader and think very negatively of him.
Pizarro`s Spanish legacy is very different than that of the Peruvians. The Spaniards saw him as a great military strategist and tactician. With his keen military senses he was able to overcome an entire civilization with limited resources and men. In 16th century Spain, Pizarro was heralded

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