Essay on The Negative Effects of Neo Colonialism throughout the World

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The beauty that lies with our world is found in the massive and expanded history of its existence. Different people have walked the face of this earth, and have left their mark on the everlasting entity that is our world. Of cultures and tribes, leaders and followers, the world has been mixed in many more ways than one. One mixture that has left a large mark on our earth is that of colonialism. Developed nations, at the time would colonize less developed ones, and through a process of time, wars, and an undeniable respect to the human spirit and freedom, these colonies have gained their independence. Yet the foundations of these colonies still exist, which leads to the birth of the term neo colonialism. Neo colonialism is the view that …show more content…
By the end of World War 2, the inhabiting nations decolonized their respective lands amidst national uprisings and local rebellion. This led to occupying nations to dissemble their occupation and provide subjective independence to the nations. Yet, the term neo colonialism arose at around this time to define the after effect of the four century long colonialism. Neo colonialism basically defines the involvement of powerful nations in the day to day affairs of less powerful and developing nations. The debate rages on concerning the effects of colonialism on a whole , with the positives being seen to outweigh the negative , yet neo colonialism is a complete different aspect altogether.
Neo colonialism defines that many pre occupied nations are worse off as a result of the continual influence of their parent nations, stating that the notion of freedom is illus ionized. Nations under the influence of neo colonialism are on paper free and independent, yet the major factors that constitute a nation, sociology, and economics, are referred to control of the parenting nations. The major examples come from recently formulated Africa, and the term is used to integrate the recent birth of many nations of the continent. In terms of natural recourses, many nations still employ the aspect of economic imperialism.(1) The statement defines the control of natural recourses by powerful nations who employ some form of modern

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