The Native Medicine Wheel Essay

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The Native Medicine Wheel is spiritual energy; it is a wheel of protection. There are four different colors on the wheel Red, Black, Yellow, and White. Each color represents something, air, water, fire, earth. Ancient stone structures of Medicine wheels can be found in southern Canada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. The center of the medicine wheel represents the creator and the spokes represent symbolic signs that are different to each tribe whoever constructed that wheel knows the unique signs.

The First color in the wheel is Red it represents Fire, passion and time of fertility, It is also known as the “South”. The Animals that red represent Pride, strength, and courage are known to be the Eagle which has strong wings, The Lion
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Just like when we get older our hair starts to turn white, we also start to come to winter white represents spirituality the older we get the more things we learn the braver we become we gain wisdom. North is a great place of healing it is winter which is a time of rest all the other seasons are time to go go go, now its time for rest. The animals that represent the north is The white buffalo, the Moose, and the Bear each of these all have one thing in common they need to prepare for the winter they all must have an extra layer of fat to get them through the winter they are also one the main sources of meat for humans. They tend to rest and take things slower so that they have the energy in the long run.

Depending on where you get your information from a lot of the information is different every where you look the Website I got a lot of my information from told me that the way most people start the circle is based on when they were born example; you start from the East if you where born from March 21- June nth, You start from the West if you where born from September 22 to December 21st, If you were born from June 21st - September 21st you start from the South and if you where born from December 23- March 20th you start from the North. Really there is not a right way nor a wrong way to start the wheel or in other words live your life. A lot of Elder people say that you are never the

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