The Mummification Process in Ancient Egypt Essay

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The earliest ancient Egyptians buried their dead in small pits in the desert. However, over many centuries, the ancient Egyptians developed a new method of preserving these bodies so they would remain lifelike. The process includes embalming the bodies and wrapping them in strips of linen. This process is now called mummification. Throughout this technique, the body is covered and filled with different substances that help preserve the body and body parts from decomposing. There are many theories concerning the matters found with the mummified bodies and the reasons behind their presence. Although Sandison and Amaros & Vozenin-Serra share and explain the importance of the substances present in mummification, they use two different …show more content…
To begin with, Sandison starts by giving a description of how the Egyptian’s way of burial evolved throughout the years. He states the following: “In the predynastic period when the bodies, were, by accident, extremely well preserved by intimate contact with hot dry sand” (Sandison, 259). The author is explaining that mummification started when the Egyptians realized that the buried body was not decomposing because of the desert’s heat. Accordingly, Amaros and Vozenin-Serra agree that this is what helped the Egyptians discover new substances that could preserve the body and also keep it away from animals and insects. However, they do not focus on why the bodies are mummified; they rather give plenty of experimental detail that explains how the technique is performed. In other words, they give scientific facts and leave out the cultural reasons behind the burials. Sandison provides a brief description of why the ancient Egyptians used such effort and time to bury their bodies in these beautiful ways. He states that ancient Egyptians believed in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Additionally, when someone passes away, their soul leaves their body and later returns and reunites with the body after the burial. In order to do so, the soul has to recognize the clean and united body, and this leads us to the process in which the Egyptians went through to ensure

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