The Most Famous Vampire: Dracula Written by Bram Stoker Essay

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The vampire is probably the only creature of which this many different myths have been written. However, there is not a clear source that states where these myths have originated from. Over the years many myths have disappeared but the ones that are still discussed today often originated in early Romania, Serbia and Hungary. One of the biggest myths is the one where someone who has been bitten by a vampire becomes a vampire themselves. However there are some variations to this myth, some say that if a pregnant woman only looks at a vampire she would give birth to a vampire or if your baby was born with the amniotic sac still intact the mother were to become a vampire when she was about to die. Vampires are said to sleep during the day in …show more content…
It was the first vampire story published in England and was written because Polidori challenged a couple of other authors to write a horror story. (John Polidori's The Vampyre: Summary, Analysis&Quiz, n.d.). Even though many books have been written about Vampires since 1897 none of them became as popular as Twilight, written by Stephanie Meyer. Twilight is about the hard decision a young mortal girl has to make about loving a werewolf or vampire. The Twilight books resulted in many wanting to either become a vampire, marry a vampire or make television series about vampires. How can a mythical creature evolve from a ferocious villain to a wanted lover in less than two hundred years? I will be looking at the different vampire myths focussing on their eating habits, their sleeping habits, their reaction to (sun)light and their daily profession and how these myths are described in Dracula, The Vampyre and Twilight.
When we think of vampires the first thing that comes to mind is a vampire’s eating habit, drinking human blood. However, there is a great diversity in how the different vampires obtain their meal. Polidori’s vampire, Lord Ruthven, only has to eat once a year but not just any person’s blood will do. “the living vampire (…), forced every year, by feeding upon the life of a lovely female to prolong his existence for the ensuing months (…)” (The Vampyre, 1819). Apart from this one kill each year the vampire does not constantly have the urge to eat not even when he

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