Essay about The Masterminds Behind THe Game of Chess

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The masterminds behind the game of Chess
Studies show that over time, the game of chess can truly be helpful not only in the game, but also in the workforce and educational objectives. For example, doctors and psychologists show that over time, one might improve not only their mood and logical skills, but also in one’s educational and developmental skills at a young age. In fact, if one person starts playing chess and their reading levels are below average, over a period of time learning the game of chess, someone could actually increase both their math and reading levels dramatically through the powerful gains of the game itself. In addition, people who have developmental disorders
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This tells us that chess can be helpful not only as a hobby, but also as a stress reliever to some because of the ongoing challenges that you face within chess and the fascinating ways you could overcome stress by tricking your opponent in the game itself. In my experience, when playing chess, I always find it useful to think and execute different tactics in the game, such as gambits, which are strategic moves where a player sacrifices a piece for a future gain. By performing all of these experiments, it truly demonstrates how a simple game of chess can be beneficial in several ways. This teaches one you that the game of chess can help you not only as a hobby, but also as a brain game. This game has several health and emotional benefits in just one game. In fact, after all of the research done on this game, the game of chess definitely shows that one can gain powerful benefits in many ways, depending on the number of years and the lesson learned in the game itself.
This means that people who have cognitive deficits such as the individuals who posses the disorder, ADHD, ADD, and more would benefit from the game of chess greatly. In an interview done by one of my friends, one person told me that the game of chess helped benefit one’s education because one would focus on the task at hand, which is very helpful not only in chess

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