“The Man Who Almost a Man” Essay

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“The Man Who Almost a Man” by Richard Wright, it is written in 1963. This story is about a 17 years old boy, Dave. Dave thinks that owning a gun can make him be a man. He tries to get a gun from Joe’s store. Joe sells a gun to Dave for two dollars, after that he backs home and lies to his mother for money to buy the gun. After Dave got the gun, he brings his gun to work next day, and he accidently kills his boss, Jim Hawkins, mule with the gun. After that, he uses another excuse to lie the truth about killing of Jim’s mule, but one man finds out Dave’s lie. After this happen, Dave is so disappointed aftermath that he killed the mule and lied. Finally Dave leaves everyone behind. When I was reading this story, I found out it has a lot of …show more content…
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean Dave can have a gun for more respect from others; Dave can’t use the gun to shoot the black men to gain more respect if he still cannot get respect from them after he has gun. Dave makes many excuses to lie his mother for the money to buy the gun, so his mother give him money. Even though she has notice his son “to bring the gun straight back to her”(779), it is still a bad decision for her because she cannot imagine what her son is going to do after he gets the gun, so it may be danger for her son. Unfortunately, Dave uses the gun to shoot his boss, Jim Hawkins, mule by accident. In addition, Dave wants to use another excuse to lie about the killing of Jim’s mule. This makes Dave struggle in his “mug paddle”, but he cannot stop lying because he cannot let his boss and family knows he used the gun to kill the mule, so he has to lie. Moreover, People always say that you need to use one or more lies to finish your lie if you make more lie Paper cannot hold the fire. The truth is because after Dave lie everybody, there is a man penetrate Dave’s lie because this man discovers the wound on the mule causes by gun shooting. After that, Dave gets aftermaths from what he had done with the mule and the gun. Dave boss tells him “well, looks like you

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